CYO Interview

Nemesis – Designed by Nemesis

1. When did you first start designing CYO?
As soon as they introduced it! I’ve been with DC since the beginning and when they brought out CYO it was a huge game-changer. I had to be a part of it.

2. What made you start designing CYO?
The possibilities. I wanted to see what could be done and what I could do. Fashion has almost no limits.

3. What is your favorite CYO piece that you have created?
Probably my lace jumpsuit for the Theodora pose. Jumpsuits were all over the red carpets at the time and it was completely different from what I’d been doing. It’s not my best work, but it was so fun.

4. What your biggest CYO accomplishment so far?
Honestly, positive reviews on what I’ve been doing. From judges in a contest, to people commenting on my shop, to just seeing the notifications when people have purchased my stuff. There hasn’t been one big moment, but it’s all a big moment to me.

5. What is the best thing about designing CYO?
Every once in a while I’ll be voting, and an outfit will pop up with a piece I’ve designed. I get a little thrill every time.

6. How long does it take you to create a CYO piece?
Usually a day or two. I’ve never timed myself but it depends on the complexity of the piece. I almost never do it in one sitting.

7. Who is your favorite CYO designer?
That’s a tough one to answer, because I love to dress my diva in my own creations head to toe. I see all kinds of gorgeous CYO go by when I’m voting, but I never know who made it. I’m terrible at faces and backgrounds, so I tried going through my wardrobe just now to see who made most of those, but it looks like they came from lots of different people!

8. What’s one tip you can offer to new CYO designers?
Study real clothing and try to emulate the way it moves. At least once, try to copy the way a skirt swirls and folds and is shadowed straight from a photo. It will feel ridiculous and unrealistic while you’re doing it (“why would I put a dark spot there?”) but you’ll be thrilled with the result.

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