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New Boutique Release

On Sunday, September 20th, we were taken back in time by the Design team with the release of another anticipated Boutique Collection titled Vintage Hollywood.

Two weeks was the amount of time our Design team had to create this collection for all of us to enjoy. With a total of 40+ items, the Vintage Hollywood Collection, did not disappoint with items including beautiful evening gowns, clutch bags, hair, and fur coats just to name a few. But not to fret, my animal lovers. All the fur in the collection are faux. Every single piece available in this release were all inspired by the 1950’s fashion styles, which many worldwide known, female icons of that era wore. This is a beautiful and fun collection, made especially for the delight of our members.

The release was a success and various items of this collection could be seen on the album pages of many of our members who where lucky enough to snatch a few! They were also seen in the different dress-up events around the site. A very good week for the Design team!

You can also get a glimpse of the whole Boutique collection, through a preview, which has been up since Monday the 14th at the Vintage Hollywood Release thread on the forum. A first time early notice, a whole week in advance, allowing many to set up their schedule as to not miss it. But if you were one of the unfortunate ones and do not feel like waiting for the items to join the Mall, you could always get yourself one of the Upgrade packages with the Boutique Pass starting at $25.55.

And now, what did you think about the collection?

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  1. hada_sonadora

    What do I think?
    Well I think that the collection is amazing.
    I would have loved to buy more items, but regretfully I will have to wait for the mall release.
    But as always the design team did a wonderful, amazing out of this world job.
    As I said before I loved and still love all the items ♥.

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