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New Dolls to Love

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we were introduced to two brand new dolls to share some of our love. Alice and Crystal.

Alice is made by user angel_mommy94, owner of the the shop Glitters, which was recently created this January 7th. A brand new CYO shop that has achieved 2502 sales in less than a month. Very impressive! The users are loving her, and she can be seen in most of our Diva Chix member’s albums. Lots of items are being made for her, available in different shops.

The diva Crystal was launched afterwards and is available in 20 different colors at ~Serendipity~ owned by _marie_, making it the second pose owned by her. The pose’s body shape has made many very happy. One member, dalia33, showed her appreciation by congratulating “the site for creating a doll that represents the figure of many minority women” on one of the pages in her album.
Many items are being made for her as well so don’t forget to go over to the Shop Wizard to check them out!

Diva #1

Body: ~Serendipity~ by _marie_
Hair: Stella Boutique by azteresa
Dress: Stella Boutique by azteresa
Shoes: Stella Boutique by azteresa
Handbag: Stella Boutique by azteresa

Diva #2

Body: Glitters by angel_mommy94
Hair: Glitters by angel_mommy94
Top: Glitters by angel_mommy94
Boots: Glitters by angel_mommy94
Skirt: Glitters by angel_mommy94

Diva #3

Body: ~Serendipity~ by _marie_
Hair: Spectrum
Dress: ~Serendipity~ by _marie_
Shoes: ~Serendipity~ by _marie_
Handbag: ~Serendipity~ by _marie_

Diva #4

Body: Glitters by angel_mommy94
Hair: Glitters by angel_mommy94
Bag: Glitters by angel_mommy94
Shoes: Glitters by angel_mommy94
Dress: Glitters by angel_mommy94

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  1. jennamazingg

    Thanks so much Helga, for bringing more attention to Shane’s shop & pose!! I’m just OBSESSED! & it is definitely crazy how we got 2 new, quickly popular, poses back to back like that! Just when everyone was thinking it had all been done.. That’s why I love the many talents of this site. <3 <3

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