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New Talents on the Design Team

Diva Chix’s Design Team is starting off the summer with a kick. Its numbers has grown once again, and you, the faithful members, will be reaping its fruits. The team has picked a few of the best around DC to keep you happy and spoiling your little diva doll.

The Design team members love going through different shops, all over DC, seeking for new talents and also staying on the sidelines observing how each one of them advance in the art of CYO since their first creations. Once they think they have found one or more worthy of joining the team, they share their lists and some are chosen to be invited onto the team. Well, this time around, multiple invitations were sent, and most of them were accepted by these talented artists.

Some were found through their shop and others were snatched right out of the recent season of Divamour, which took place last March. If you followed our beloved CYO competition, during that time, you may have already started to guess who these gifted members may be (depending how good you are at playing guessing games).

Without any further ado, let me start introducing this lovely ensemble of five, talented, CYO designers to all of you, our most esteemed members of our community. Or maybe I could just going on and on, and on… Just kidding!

You may already know of these two who became full blue “badge” moderators towards the end of February, and whom have been making beautiful bundles since. Their names? Sammie aka firstlady113 and Tracy aka synoopie. The other three, who were taken right out of Divamour after impressing many of you are Alex aka divaesque, Mila aka mata-hari, and Shan aka angelmommy94.

Let’s all congratulate our new additions and show them how many fans they have, all around the site. Welcome to the Design team ladies.

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