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New year, time to let grievances go?

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*Angie adds Sylvie back into the conversation.*
Angie: Okay, this is exhausting.
Gwen: I’m done with this.
Sylvie: Ok
Carlie: Ok?
Sylvie: Yes. Let’s be done with it.
Carlie: Um
Sylvie: What?
Sashenka: Goodness.
Sashenka: I’m tempted to say let’s just let this all go. It’s a new year, and there’s no point in bringing this ridiculousness for the new year.
Sylvie: Agreed
Sashenka: No, you don’t get a say in this.
Angie: You’re right, Sashka. Considering how lenient we’re considering being, you really should be acting more grateful
*Sylvie is typing*
Carlie: Sigh, some people never learn.
*Sylvie is typing*
Gwen: I know. No point in letting this effect us anymore. We all have lives to live. I’m just glad we can forget about this and put this in the past.
*Sylvie is typing*
Angie: She seems to be at a lost for words…
Sashka: Or is it the apology that we are waiting for?
Carlie: I wouldn’t get our hopes up…

What is she typing? Apology… or is that the last thing she would do? Stay tuned for the next episode!

*Please be aware that this story is completely fictional.*

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