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New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve is a romantic comedy movie about New Year. It literally speaks about different people and their story. For example, you have the devoted mother Kim Doyle (Sarah Jessica Parker). She is a devoted mother who is having trouble with her teenage daughter Hailey (Abigail Breslin) who doesn’t want to spend New Year with her mother. She wants to spend it with her friends and a boy who she likes and hopes to kiss in Times Square where the ball will drop. Kim has literally dedicated herself to her daughter, but she forgot to also focus on her own love life. She met a gentleman exactly 1 year ago in a Trattoria. His name is Sam Ahern, Jr. (Josh Duhamel). It was love at first sight. Unfortunately, it was too complicated of a situation for Kim a year ago, but she left him a note that if he was still in love a year from then, then they would meet each other the next year at that same Trattoria. Will there be a happily ever after for these two?

Stan Harris (Robert de Niro) is man who is in the final stages of cancer. He refuses to use chemotherapy. His only wish is to watch the ball drop one last time, but he wants to do it with his daughter. Just like they always used to do when she was little. Will Stan Harris make it in time? Will he get his wish?

Laura (Katherine Heigl) is a chef and she is the caterer for a party where her ex-boyfriend/fiancé is singing. Her ex is the famous singer Daniel Jensen (Jon Bon Jovi). Daniel asked Laura to marry him only to leave her shortly after proposing. He got scared and the best way he thought not to hurt her was by just leaving. Of course nowadays she does not want to see or talk to him. He has tried to apologize to her, but she is furious with him. Will she forgive him? Will they get back together?

And there are other stories in this movie that you can relate to. This movie has also taught me to focus on the important things in life and not only for the New Year. There is also a very important message in this movie. It’s a beautiful movie filled with adventure, love and some funny scenes.

Have you watched this movie yet? What did you think about it?

Final Thoughts

This movie is romantic, sad, and somewhat funny. You can relate a bit to this movie and it has so many aww moments. I have cried with this movie. Some of these stories can literally bring tears to your eyes. Not only for the sad moments, but also for the happy moments. And also this message brings an important message to us the audience. You have to forgive each other. You have to forget the bad. You have to move on. Do something about those broken promises. Do something because you don’t get second chances every day. Do something for those you have wronged. Mend those wrongs. I have to admit that I loved watching this movie. I was not disappointed one bit. And I would definitely recommend watching this movie.

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