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For all of those Diva Chix members who enjoy the fact that our site is filled with an array of different poses to play with, this one is for you.

This month we were blessed with the creations of three new poses made by some of the most talented CYO designers we have. They can be seen in almost every member’s profiles, during voting events, and many other competitions and events hosted by the site or by our members. Not saying that these three were the only ones which were recently released, but it happens to be the ones that are being coveted the most at this moment by many, many members.

Ruby, a pose by Neon_cookies, who is also part of Diva Chix’s Design Team, was released towards the end of July and it was an instant hit, leading on the site’s main page at least 6 times as our favorite Doll of the Day, and showing up many times as a contender for the title. Probably not a big surprise for those who have seen Neon_cookies’ skills as a designer. Besides her own shop, many others now carry items for her pose which you can find by searching the Shop Wizard.

On the same month, we were introduced to the pose Victoria not long after Ruby’s release. She is a creation of Synoopie, who opened the “doors” to her shop in February 02, 2010. The pose Victoria also had the chance to represent our site as the Doll of the Day, at least 5 times, and also the chance to be a contender for the title many other days. Synoopie’s shop has at least six collections already released for this pose, and other items to be found around the site’s member’s shops. All beautiful.

But the one which many members have been eagerly, and impatiently waiting for its release is the pose July. Made by Pandaimeec, this pose has landed as a top six contestant for Doll of the Day, and also the title itself. July was made to be released for the whole population of Diva Chix once Pandaimeec’s shop, Spectrum, reached 20000 sales, which happened on the 22nd of this month, for the happiness of many. The pose was released on Sunday August 23rd alongside the full mix-matched collection titled Noe. If interested in viewing the previews of the other 11 upcoming collections, made by Pandaimeec, just take a pick at her album.

Also, don’t forget to search on Shop Wizard for the newest collections, now available, for your other favorite poses. There has been a flood of new items showing up almost everyday during this month. I am sure you’ll find many items you have missed.

Diva #1 by Neon_cookies

Body: Born Wild
Hair: Born Wild
Skirt: Born Wild
Top: Born Wild
Socks: Born Wild
Shoes: Born Wild
Backpack: Born Wild
Necklace: Born Wild
Suspenders under:
Belts: Born Wild
Accessories: Born Wild

Diva #2 by Synoopie

Body: Joe Cool’s Hot Shoppe!
Hair: Joe Cool’s Hot Shoppe!
Skirt: Joe Cool’s Hot Shoppe!
Top: Joe Cool’s Hot Shoppe!
Belt: Joe Cool’s Hot Shoppe!
Shoes: Joe Cool’s Hot Shoppe!
Bag: Joe Cool’s Hot Shoppe!
Necklace: Joe Cool’s Hot Shoppe!
Earrings: Joe Cool’s Hot Shoppe!
Headpiece: Joe Cool’s Hot Shoppe!

Diva #3 by Pandaimeec

Hair: Spectrum
Dress: Spectrum
Coat: Spectrum
Shoes: Spectrum
Bag: Spectrum
Leggings: Spectrum
Earrings: Spectrum

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