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Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”

In the spirit of Halloween, the purchase of this novel just might be a treat for yourself. This personal and hilarious collection of stories from Lena Dunham’s life has been widely anticipated by fans of the actress after watching her bold comedy series, Girls.

She talks about the various relatable experiences girls face growing up including your first love, watching your weight constantly, and feeling lost and alone in this world. The experience she most prominently focuses on in her attempt to reach out to girls all over the world is the idea of not feeling important or worthy. She also highlights some peculiar experiences including existential crises, sex, and in Hollywood.

There have been conflicting views over Dunham’s work. While there are many who are squealing over this novel claiming it completely and accurately describes them, others are not too pleased. A point some people have made, and one that I do agree with, is the idea that although the book is titled “Not That Kind of Girl,” the experiences Dunham recaps are not entirely unique.

The fact that this book is “relatable” is because many girls all over the world go through experiences just like these. In fact, it’s more than just common! There is also the idea that by reading through these mini stories, you get the sense that those who do in fact feel this way more often than they should are potentially overly self-indulgent.

Yes, it is important to care for yourself and put yourself first to ensure you are happy, but it is also essential to view life from the perspectives of others and see how your behaviour may affect others. Do you have that one friend or know people who seem to always have a new problem they need your help on but are never there for you; who constantly act like they have it the worst and none of your problems are significant compared to theirs?

What do you think? Did you read the book? Do you feel like you just might be Lena Dunham herself?

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for some guidance or comfort to help you at a difficult time such as an existential crisis or heartbreak, give the book a read. If you're like me and would rather not dwell on sadness, maybe stick to a recap.

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