High Scorers

November’s High Scorers!

These Divas are truly amazing and give their all each week. For their outstanding work, they deserve to be recognized. So, Divas, read over the list below and congratulate them on all their hard work!

October 31st – November 6th November 7th – November 13th November 14th – November 20th November 21st – November 27th
Battle Ladder Winner Souzan Denisemary Nicollette Souzan
Biggest Battler Souzan Denisemary Nicollette Souzan
Biggest Voter Denisemary Denisemary Souzan Jennamazingg
Hottest Diva Denisemary Satindoll317 Anne-marie Angieluvboo
Hottest Shop Witchy Woman Wardrobe Witchy Woman Wardrobe Bundle Boutique ~Serendipity~
October Staff Member of the Month AuntyPat

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