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NYX Cosmetics Wonderstick

I recently picked myself up a contour as I decided that for nights out I wanted to get myself some good make-up and try to actually make myself look decent.

I had not used contour before so I did not want to pay too much for it. I personally did a bit of research and then bought this one on Amazon (as I like using my Prime account!) However, you can also get it from the NYX cosmetics website!

I am incredibly happy with this item. It is a “wonder stick”, so is easy to use and apply. It goes on smoothly, and luckily for me, the highlighter end is pale enough to actually highlight me! I am pale, so when I try to get anything lighter than my skin tone I sometimes struggle! The kit comes in many skin tones so that anyone can use it.

Final Thoughts

Very good for the value and incredibly easy to use!

Overall Score 4.3
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  1. cece1337

    i have this, i have recently begun attempting to “contour” it makes such a difference in the face, but alas even with this product i just cant get the placement right! practice makes perfect i guess, the highlighter is too shimmery for my taste but once i get the hang of contouring i think i will like this

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