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NYX Full Coverage Concealer

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This is the first concealer I have ever used, as my typical makeup routine is pretty simple. I typically go from moisturizer to foundation and call it a day for the face. However, I started to consider what I wanted to use if I wanted to go lighter on the face, on days I did not want to wear a full face of foundation.

Heading over to, I chose the Full Coverage Concealer in the colour Tan. I was a little worried about my colour choice since it is hard to tell from online swatches and pictures on cosmetic sites are notoriously unreliable, but it does not seem too bad of a choice. Considering you want a concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin tone to help brighten up your face, it seems to be a good fit.

In terms of coverage, it goes on very smoothly and as the name suggests, it is pretty good coverage. It does not feel too heavy when wearing it as well. The texture is quite creamy and helps hide visible blemishes and dark spots.

However, it does seem to wear off throughout the day, even after being set. Another no-no I unfortunately realized is that when I looked close up in the mirror, the concealer seemed patchy. I noticed it did not seem as seamlessly blended into my skin as I thought it did when applying.

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Although it is affordable and the packaging is convenient and easy to use, unfortunately it is not worth the purchase for its actual purpose. If the wear time was better, that would be significant improvement.

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