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NYX Lip Lingerie

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I bought two NYX Lip Lingerie lipsticks from the makeup store, ULTA. I always wanted to get the lipsticks earlier on but they were always sold out and I can see why now!

The lipsticks are liquid and have a matte finish. They come in reds, browns, pinks and purples, all beautiful colors. With most matte lipstick products, my lips get super dry but these lipsticks don’t dry my lips as much as other matte lipsticks. The lipsticks are $6.99 each, which is really good for a matte liquid lipstick that is hardly drying. Plus, NYX had a buy one, get one free sale, so I got two lipsticks for the price of one!

The lipsicks are amazing, especially considering their price and I recommend it to everyone.

Final Thoughts

This lipsticks are amazing and I’d definitely buy more.

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