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NYX Retractable Lip Liner

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I don’t typically use lip liner, thinking it was something irrelevant that I didn’t really need. However, after experiencing the need to reapply lipstick throughout the day and feathering with darker lip shades, I realized this is something I needed to get, ASAP!

Strolling through the drug store, I looked at a variety of brands. I didn’t do my research prior to finding one, so I was definitely overwhelmed with the options. I finally settled between Annabelle (a Canadian brand) and NYX. I do love Annabelle and have multiple makeup products from this brand, but decided to go with NYX at the end. Not only because it was slightly cheaper, but also because I do not own any of their products!

I settled for three different shades depending on the lip colours I currently own. I went for Nude Pink, Red and Plum as seen below.

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They are so very pigmented and are true to the colour of their tubing! They are easy to use and I love that they’re retractable as sharpening lip or eye pencils can be a nuisance. There were quite a few options available, and I was able to find the exact shades I wanted.

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