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NYX Wonder Pencil

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I recently completely used up this pencil in the shade “Deep.” This is a pencil that comes in three different colours (Light, Medium and Deep) with three different purposes. You can use them to conceal spots on your face, as a lip liner, or as an under-eye brightener.

I had initially bought it for the purpose of using it as a lip liner so that I could use it with lip colours I didn’t have a matching lip liner for. However, I began to try using it as a concealer because I didn’t own any and I had stopped using a full coverage foundation. I was so pleased with the results!

It is very creamy and provides fair coverage for any dark spots you are trying to cover up. It was very easy to use and I found myself using it as a staple everyday. The only con was that because I was using it frequently, I had constantly had to sharpen it and the product was finished very quickly. However, it is a drug store option and therefore pretty reasonable of a cost, so I would encourage you try it out. Even if you’d rather use it as an eye brightener or a lip liner, go for it!

Final Thoughts

Although it proved successful as a concealer, I will probably look for other options considering how quickly it had finished being in a thin pencil form.

Overall Score 4.2
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