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O’ Keeffe’s Lip Repair

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Are you ready to hear about the best lip balm ever? Because right off the bat I have to say — this is WELL worth the purchase!

Regardless of how chapped your lips are, this is the relief you have been looking for. Especially during the cold season where chapped lips seem unavoidable, this is incredible. It does not make your lips slippery like others, but rather is very smooth yet cream-like and actually works. My boyfriend stopped using lip balms because he thought they all evaporated and didn’t do anything, but once he tried mine, he went out to buy two.

I like to both apply it under my lipstick before I go out as well as before I go to bed and I wake up with smooth lips. Under lipstick, it avoids my lips from drying out from the product as well.

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My absolute, favourite lip balm that I would recommend to everyone.

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