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October is All Hallows Eve Day, but known to many as simply Halloween, and our members had plenty of events for them to take on the celebration.

The forum was flooding with various Halloween contests, with many of our divas dressing up the part, trying to be the best and scariest one of the bunch. One of the activities includes the Community team’s Halloween Flash Game Blitz, where the objective was to participate in as many flash games as possible. There were a total of 11 games to play. For those of you who didn’t get the chance to check all of the entries you can find at the thread WINNERS: Halloween Flash Game Blitz Games. If you were feeling creative on the writing side, the Forum Team had their Scary Story Competition which took a MadLibs format.

For the main site we had our longed for voting game, a Halloween special, which gives all the opportunity to collect more moolah, coins, and perfumes so we can spoil our divas. So, the question is now, how many of you found all 10 items, and how many times?

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