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O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet

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Although I love going back to school personally, the idea of breaking in new shoes pains me. Especially with my already dry, cracked heals. I have however found a miracle product: O’Keeffe’s foot cream, for healthy feet!

I had not heard of the brand before, but after looking at a few products, this one had the best responses and ratings.

After the first use, the part of my feet that were already smooth felt even better, but the cracked part did not really feel any different. After using the product for a few nights in a row, I really did notice my feet were a lot healthier, softer and less cracked. This is great as it meant I could happily wear sandals without being ashamed of my feet! I did find that you had to use a lot and the pot I ordered (the biggest one that delivered to the UK in a reasonable amount of time) did not last significantly long sadly.

A week or so later I got lazy and stopped using it for about a week, almost as fast as it helped my feet, they went back to being as dry and cracked as before.

Final Thoughts

A really great product if you are willing to put in the work and commit to using it daily, or every other day at the least. If you are in the US and can get larger pots regularly, it might work out better for you. Unfortunately for me, it takes too long to get too small of a pot to use it that often.

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