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On The Run Tour

The hottest concert series this summer is mega couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s “On the Run Tour”! In late Spring, the couple announced that they would be joint headliners in this unprecedented event, and a pre-sale of the tickets began. The average ticket cost is $342, which made critics believe the tour would not be so successful. Well, as Beyonce’ has already proven when she surprised the world and dropped her latest album in December with virtually no promotion, the Media doesn’t always know best!

Tickets sold at record rates, and consequently, more shows had to be added to accommodate the fans who were dying to experience this once in a lifetime moment. There are even multi-day shows in some of the larger cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Paris.

The theme for the concert perfectly reflects the multiple collaborations the couple have together, such as 03 Bonnie & Clyde, Part II (On the Run), Crazy in Love, and Drunk in Love. While, their collaborations are definitely performed at the concert, they both have individual sets as well. So even if you’re only a fan of one of these artists, you’d still be fully entertained. In total, there are 43 songs performed.

As you can imagine, the show is nothing short of amazing! These two have a work ethic like no other. They both just completed their individual 2013-2014 tours, The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour and the Magna Carter World Tour. And let’s not forget the brilliance that went behind the release of both of their latest albums. With album sales plummeting across the board for most artists, these two strategized to ensure success. A million copies of Jay-Z’s Magna Carter Holy Grail album was purchased by Samsung and given as a free download to their app customers – which made selling a million albums a piece of cake for him. And Beyonce’ shocked the world when one day, a little after midnight, she casually mentioned on her Facebook page that her album, Beyonce’, was now available for purchase. This totally eliminated the leaking of the album before release, and therefore everyone was dying to buy a copy to hear her latest music.


These two are truly game changers, and are considered by many as music Royalty. They are also kind enough to donate a portion of the proceeds from every ticket sale of their concert to the Shawn Carter Foundation to high-risk students. So if at all possible, check out this concert. If you’re unable to, don’t worry. HBO will be exclusively airing the entire show after its run is complete.


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