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One Good Turn

If you are a history buff or simply find a “behind-the-scenes” perspective of war of interest to you, One Good Turn might just have to be your next novel.

Be aware that this review may contain minor spoilers!

It is a short read as the novel has less than a hundred pages. However, the story within these pages are still just as compelling. We are in the midst of WWI, where the main protagonist, a solider by the name of Chris Ransom is in a gravely dangerous predicament. After waking up from an unknown period of time, he is set to be executed soon after. Unsure why, he tries to regain his memories of what happened to the point he was knocked out to try and clear his name. Unfortunately for him, it appears that someone has stolen his identity, and is not planning on helping him out of this situation.

The ending of this novel really hit me and forced me to allow myself a few minutes afterwards to just think about what happened. I just wish it was longer! I will definitely be looking to borrow a few of his other titles.

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This book is bound to make you further your appreciation for all our soldiers have done, as well as consider all the malicious and simply frightful things that take place. The differing POVs between the protagonist and antagonist really help put things into perspective as well.

Overall Score 4.5
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