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Open shoulders

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It’s getting warmer so what’s another way to stay cool? Expose those shoulders!

In all seriousness, you might be finding that at your local mall, whether it’s a long sleeve or mid-length sleeve, many are coming with the cold shoulder look.

The thing I particular like about these are that although it would be odd to own nothing but these open shoulder tops in your wardrobe, there is a good variety that you could be having a few in your closet without feeling like they are all too similar. For example, maybe you prefer some bows?

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Maybe just a small cut out?

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Maybe some extra embellishments?

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… the list goes on!

Looking in my wardrobe, I seem to own four myself. How about you? What do they look like? Do they resemble any of the above pictures? Is it a dress instead? Or is this in your huge NOT list?

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