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Paper Dollz

Thank you so much for this honor! Paper Dollz is proud to receive it and also proud of our active members who contributed their time and effort to earn such an honor.

Two years ago, I got this crazy idea to just create a guild and see how it went. It has been quite a bit harder to do than I anticipated. Luckily, I have received good advice and well wishes from other guild owners and site members too. I am still learning though!

The main goal I have for my guild is to have many active members who are here to play the game for fun and for some friendly competition. I would be thrilled for this guild to be one of the top 20, perhaps even the top 10 one day!

As much as I enjoy seeing our scores rise, I know it may take a while for us to get there. This is just as well, because Paper Dollz plans on being around for a good long time. Once again, thank you so much for featuring our guild! ~~by Guild Owner Mariab

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