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Photo Frame Clock

Have an empty wall in your home that could use some decorating? Have an abundance of family and friend photos? Here’s something you could do: make a photo frame clock! Not only is it a cute way to display some of your favourite photos, but it can double up as a time-telling piece of art!

What you’ll need:
– 12 of your most prized photographs
– Frames that fit your photographs
– Clock making kit (you can get these for cheap on sites like eBay)
– Hammer
– Nails

1. Take your photos and place them into the frames of your choosing. They can all be the same to create a sense of unity, or change them up to form a pattern.
2. Arrange them on the wall to your liking. Ensure that they do form a circle. If you are having trouble, try tracing or making general marks on your wall to make sure they are equally spaced out.
3. Once you have found the spots, trace them and put the frames temporarily away.
4. Taking another piece of square paper, size of your choosing (you will be placing the clock’s hands from the clock making kit on this). Follow the instructions of the kit.
5. Nail your photo frames in the spots you have already traced as well as your clock hands.
6. Make sure there are batteries in the clock and that the time has been set!

Here are some more pictures for inspiration for how others have put together their own DIY photo frame clocks:

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