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Pop Quiz Answers

Well, seemingly only one of you were smart enough to answer these super difficult questions. Can’t say I’m pleased but what more can I really expect?

Anyways, congrats to thewanderlust for putting in the minuscule effort it requires to answer them all right. The main site has a sweet lil prize for you. How do I have access to the funds you ask? Don’t be so surprised, you’re not the only smart cookie around here.

Here are the answers for the rest of you who couldn’t be bothered. I’m expecting our one true champion to be worshipped, serenaded, etc, etc.

1) What was the most recent episode titled?
c. It’s Time To Move On

2) What is the correct quote from Gwen in a recent episode?
c. Sometimes, success is the best revenge. Stooping down so low does not help.

3) What was the trigger to creating this alter ego?
a. Staff rejection

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