Prom Shout-Outs

to Alexandra (catlover64) my favorite coffee buddy…..always so happy love you
To Jenna Missing you. You were and always will be a great friend love you to
To Bela and Mode Love this guild You are all awesome
To Denise (jacroc1999) Thank you so much for everything. Love your designs.
To the design team Keep up the good work You are putting out gorgeous bundles….
Peggy (hotpink1916) Love your designs. Keep them coming
Jocelyn (hiipie_chick) So glad you are back We have missed you.
To all diva chicks friends you are all awesome. To all who keep adding wonderful designs to shops wow awesome stunning and a big thank you
angieluvbo thank you so much for all your help when I lost all my bundles. You are so pleasant to deal with. Thank you again and smile be happy )

Chris aka candy_cane )

Shoutout to my Guild Leader amethyst_eyes and our Deputy catlover64 and watergirl our overseer also to my fabulous guild sisters!!
Shoutouts also to the wonderful designers who have made such beautiful CYO creations for this prom season thank you!!

I’d like to request that a shout-out be put in from me to Lacetasy (Laci) for giving me so much help and support, for being the best prom date ever, and just because she is one of of the most talented and generous designers on the site hands down!

Thanks a bunch~


I’d like to thank Steph(griffysgirl) for the amazing job she’s been
doing with releasing things everyday for her poses, as part of her Sixty days of Solitude.

I want to thank all the lovely designers who have created such wonderful outfits for the Sun, Moon and Stars Prom as well as for Guild Wars. You are awesome!!
I want to thank Griffysgirl for adding a ton of clothes, accessories and pets for Solitude. You rock!
I want to thank Hippie_chick for being back in this game! I missed you and can again purr up a storm.
I want to thank Jacroc1999 for always giving us new things to wear for Summer,Sarah and Alexandra.
I want to thank my Guild, you are all so awesome!
I want to thank my coffee buddy in the morning Candy_cane for always surprising me with goodies and cat pics.
I want to thank my friends in this game…you know who you are..for making this game even more pleasurable.

I would like to send a shout out to all the staff members on DC for making fun activities for us all to do.

I would like to send a shout outs to my guild sisters the Amazing Beauties.

I would like to send a shout out to my sweet prom partner and friend hippie_chick.

I would also like to send a shout out to all my sweet friends here on DC who make my days here on DC so happy. You are all sweet and supportive and I am lucky to call you my sweet friends.

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