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Prom Stay All Night Makeup

Here are tips to make your makeup stay longer so you wouldn’t need to retouch every hour. Read on!

#1 Start With A Cleanly Scrubbed Face

Wash your face clean with cleanser the night before and when you wake up the next morning use a toner to remove any oil that has accumulated on your face.

#2 Apply Mouisturizer

Before applying any makeup, don’t forget to apply a layer of moisturizer. Make sure your moisturizer contains a sunblock.

#3 Use Primer To Cover Fine Lines

Before using foundation, apply a primer to cover the fine lines. It smooths the skin tone as well as reducing the redness, puffiness and also eye bags.

#4 Use Powder To Set Your Foundation

After using the foundation, apply loose or mineral powder to set it and prevent your makeup from breaking down due to the oil on your face.

#5 Do Not Touch Your Face

Try not touch your face after applying your makeup because it will cause your makeup to be smeared or smudged.

Note: Bring blotting paper / Oil paper to reduce oily skin through the night, making sure to blot carefully so as, again, not to smear or smudge. It will make your face fresh again in minutes.

Source: Urbane Woman

Final Thoughts

I follow these tips myself every time I go out, it really works.

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