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Prom Threat

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A few weekends ago, a social media post was circulating telling students that they should wear protective vests as the poster was planning to shoot up their high school prom.

The Snapchat didn’t only threaten the current prom, but also gave a nod towards the last person who “threaten to shoot up central last year”.

Police officers said that it was 18-year-old Edward Hannah, who was the cause of the social media post and has taken into custody. Once he was found, Hannah informed the police that the threat was a joke and that he didn’t mean anything by it.

Police deemed the threat not credible, and as they had Hannah in custody, they felt safe that the students would be fine at prom. However, they still added extra officers at the venue as a precaution to make the students, teachers, and parents feel more comfortable attending the prom. Parents of the high school students received the following message: “Central High School Community: Law enforcement located and arrested the suspect who is now in custody. Thank you for your patience as our law enforcement worked diligently throughout the day to locate the suspect and provide the prom w/additional security.”

The school said that the added police officers’ presence ensured that the turnout stayed intact at the prom and that due to this, the kids felt safe and had a great time at their prom, allowing them to be carefree and dance throughout the night.

Hannah has been arrested and booked on a charge of making criminal threats.

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