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Pulse Gets a Makeover

Back in 2009, our beloved Trishy had a crazy idea to start a Diva Chix magazine. We’ve had newsletters here and there on different parts of the site, but Trishy’s vision spanned much broader than that. In fact, it even spanned outside of just Diva Chix news. Trishy staffed a team of editors hand-chosen from our member population, and together they created the very first issue of Pulse! The issue covered trending topics in beauty and fashion. It was indeed a hit!

Over the years, the Pulse team has been very open to feedback from the members. In fact, in 2010, the magazine took a short break and revamped the content. They returned with a more interactive magazine, not only containing articles to read but also the now popular features Hit or Miss, Polls, Who Wore It Better, and a fun page, The Circus. They also integrated more DC-centric news into the issues such as Hottest CYO, CYO Interview, Featured Member, Member Videos, and the sizzling hot soap opera “DC’s Two-Timing Member”.

I often found myself reading Pulse and thinking “this stuff is really good!”. There have been several beauty products and clothing items that I’ve actually went out and purchased because they were recommended by the talented fashionistas/editors of Pulse!

So, as Pulse embarks upon its 5th anniversary, I decided to yet again revamp the magazine like never before! The magazine outgrew its small little box on the Diva Chix homepage and truly deserved a platform of its own. So, here it is…bigger, better, and bolder! Besides the obvious appearance change, there are some other key differences that you should also be aware of:

  • All content stays forever! If you missed an issue, or you just want to go back and re-read some things, you can now do so with this new format. Clicking on any of the menu items will show you all articles ever written in that category. So, let’s say you’re looking for a new book to read. You would simply click the Book Review link from the menu and see all reviews we’ve ever done. To keep things nice and tidy, the current issue’s articles can be found in the right sidebar under “In This Issue”.
  • The magazine is now searchable! At the top of the page (under the Pulse title), you’ll see a Search bar. Use that any time you’re looking for anything specific…like maybe any articles mentioning you 😉
  • The Perfume Drawing is no longer on the cover of the magazine, but rest assured…we’re still giving a lucky winner one every issue. The winner is randomly drawn from people who have commented on any of the previous issue’s articles. So, don’t be shy about commenting.
  • Member Ads! Notice the header, footer, sidebar, and main content on the front page have ads submitted by DC members. If you’d like to have your ad in the next issue of Pulse, scroll all the way to the very bottom of the screen and in the left right corner, you’ll see how to submit your ad. It’s on a first-come/first-buy basis, so secure your spot quickly.

We hope that you enjoy the new fresh and vibrant look of Pulse.

Happy reading!

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