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Purple Gradient Nail Tutorial

What you’ll need:

-A white nail polish
-A dark, medium tone, and light purple nail polish
-Make up sponge
-Nail polish remover
-A q-tip or a synthetic brush for clean up.


1. Paint all nails using your white nail polish. Let that dry.
2. On your makeup sponge, take all three tones of your purple nail polishes and make 3 lines going down. You should be able to see every color, like a striped pattern.
3. Start dabbing the sponge onto your nails, you should see the 3 purples on your nail, it’s okay for it to get on your fingers. We have clean up lol. Keep dabbing the sponge until you see a gradient effect happening.
*Side note* you will need to reapply the purple polishes to the sponge every few dabs. Just make sure you put them in the same spot and also dab in the same spot.
4. Once you have something you are happy with, make sure your polish is dry and finish with a top coat.
5. You can now take a q-tip and some nail polish remover and clean up your edges for a stunning new look!


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