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Quo Make-Up Remover Wipes

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Makeup wipes are convenient when you are looking for a quick way to remove your makeup or remnants of makeup off your face. I particularly like them when I am about to head to bed and realize I need to remove my makeup.

The current set I’m using is by Quo, which comes with a pack of 30 makeup wipes. I bought this as it was on sale with another smaller-set of eye makeup remover pads with it. After using it, it does remove all my makeup pretty easily, however, I find it does sting my eyes.

Considering it explicitly says on the packaging that it may be used on the eyes and is for sensitive skin, I’m not too sure why this is the case, especially since I know my eyes are not sensitive to start with. Due to this, it will not be repurchased as I have used other products in the past that not only allowed me to remove my full face of makeup, but did not cause any unnecessary stinging. A bonus is that there is no overwhelming scent other than a simple “clean” scent.

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Although it does the job, there are better wipes out there that haven’t irritated my eyes.

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