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Quo Makeup Brush Cleanser

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I typically use baby shampoo or another form of soap to clean my brushes, so I thought I’d venture out to see what options there are within the drugstore to use.

This particular cleanser from Quo (a Canadian brand) comes in a spray bottle you can spritz onto the brush, take a paper towel and wipe the brush, and let it air dry. What I like about the cleanser is that it does not get too drench with water meaning it dries quicker, and the product on the brush instantly is cleansed out. The incredible smell of rosewater is also apparent and makes your brush smell nice.

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Although cleansers like this are more costly than using soap and water, and this may be a way for companies to try and get you to buy these specialized products claiming they’re better for your brushes, I do enjoy it. It’s not something I would use as frequently to finish up as quick, but it is assuring knowing one-two spritz are enough for at least an eyeshadow brush. In addition, I can’t get over the smell as a lover of roses!

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