Do It Yourself

Rainbow flower centrepiece

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This is a super cute, and super easy spring decoration for your house! You only need about 4 different things to make it work!

These are:
– Bud vases / Small class containers (I would say anywhere between 4 – 9 would be enough)
– Food colouring (In as many colours as you have vases, you can either go rainbow like the picture or use various hues of the same colour!)
– Flowers. White flowers work best, like daisies or mums. If you remember from high school projects if use carnations they will “drink” up the water and the flower itself will change colour to match. However, the crisp white flower looks good against the contrast of the coloured water, in my opinion. However, if you have kids, letting them observe the colour changing flowers might be a fun little project for them!
– Water! Ordinary tap water will do!

Creating the look is incredibly easy, by adding a few drops of the food colouring into the water in each vase. If you add too much colouring and it is too bold a colour, pour a little out and add more water to “dilute” the colour. Pop the flower in the top of the vase, and then display!

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