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Rapidly Increasing Smoking Rate in China

It has been reported that in China, the amount of men who begin smoking before the age of twenty is roughly two-thirds of the entire nation. Smoking is known to be a very damaging habit, significantly increasing the chance of dying from health-related problems as a result of the content of the cigarettes.

Previous statistics from China emphasizes the severity of this issue as it shows that two years ago, over a million individuals died from tobacco use. This amount is only expected to increase in the future. It does not help that it has become a custom to smoke at varying parts of the day, including having a cigarette right after having a meal. Not to mention how cheap they can be to purchase!

There is becoming an increasing need to raise even further awareness of the lethal effects of smoking, as if it was not already apparent. An attempt that has not succeeded as of yet is promoting the use of electronic cigarettes. Starting at a young age is particularly worse as the habit is very hard to shake off, especially if you have been doing it for most of your life.

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