Red Carpet Divas

Red Carpet Divas!

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  1. lacetasy

    Yep, I knew this would happen. There needs to be a better system or way for this to be judged. I feel just favorites are being picked. I saw the cover diva maybe once within in all my tens of thousands of votes. This is why most of the time i dont put effort into red carpet, its a joke. I put my all into last month, entering at least 8-9 times a day and had a 99-98 percent average. Its fishy when you reset the averages like three times in one week. makes no sense.

    • lacetasy

      I think that there should be a ladder like the vote ladder and battle ladder for the red carpet, so we know who is in first, am i right, that way they cant choose who they want.

  2. Gwendolyn7777

    I do not “choose who I want” I have a tool that pulls the winners, and to get enough winners to populate this page, I have to reset the Red Carpet every few days. And if you don’t enter your diva in the Red Carpet every hour on the hour there is not much chance you will be in the winners list when I pull it, as there are many that DO enter that much. I do NOT just pick favorites.

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