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Sashka: So?
Carlie: We’re waiting.
Angie: We’ve given your time to collect your thoughts. Let’s hear the beginning now.
Carlie: Did she really leave us hanging?
Carlie: I don’t think she’s actually online right now anymore…
Gwen: She’s still there.
Sylvie: I’m still here. Sorry. Was preparing my dinner.
Sashka: Great. Hope you enjoy it. Now, can you explain now?
Sylvie: I’m sure you know what’s happening here.
Gwen: All we know is it’s the result of jealousy. For whatever reason. But really, we want to hear this from your own side.
Sylvie: Well, I’m sure you remember this as clear as I do. It was around 2008 when I applied to be on staff and I was not accepted.
Carlie: Okay.
Sylvie: What do you mean “okay?” That’s the basis of this!
Sylvie: You did not accept me regardless of the time I spent into my application. I answered exactly how you would have wanted me to. Yet, there I was, rejected.
Gwen: Wow.
Gwen: Okay.
Carlie: I don’t even recall this.
Sylvie: So you’re saying not only was I not good enough for staff, but I am also forgettable?
Sashka: No of course not, it just seems to us that you’re putting too much thought into that. It was right in the start up of the site and we had a huge amount of applications flowing in.
Sylvie: Yeah, okay, I know you’ll try to blame anything but yourselves.

Will she be convinced otherwise once and for all? Make sure you come back to read the next chapter in the next issue!
*Please be aware that this story is completely fictional.*

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