Dirt, Drama & Dolls

Results of Mini Game #2

(Missed what happened last week? Check out previous episodes to catch up.)

Congratulations in advance for your correct answers. Glad to see some of us have good memory skills!

The correct answers are as follows:

1. What is “Carrie’s” username?
a) carrie09
b) carrie07
c) carrie03
d) carrie

2. Which staff team was the first one to be removed?
a) Guild
b) Pulse
c) Social Networking
d) Community

3. In which year was I first introduced?
a) 2015
b) 2013
c) 2011
d) 2014

4. What were the final two staff teams that were remaining?
a) Pulse and Community
b) Forum and Guild
c) Pulse and Forum
d) Social Networking and Forum

5. Which was the first team that rejected “Carrie’s” application?
a) Pulse
b) Guild
c) Design
d) Community

Depending on how many you got right, your prizes have been awarded.

The story will continue next week!

xox – Sylvie

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