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Rush Hour

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CBS’ new show Rush Hour may sound familiar to some of you, and that may be because it is based on the film franchise that started in 1998 with the same name staring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

On the TV series we have actors Justin Hires and Jon Foo taking the lead roles. Different stars, but just as fun to watch.

It’s also a comedy and drama about two detectives from two different cultures, who are forced to work together in order to find and bring down a Chinese organized crime ring.

The detectives Carter, from LAPD, and Lee, from Hong Kong, are an unlikely pairing who ends up working wonderfully together. They are aided by Sergeant Didi who is Detective Carter’s friend and once partner, as well as Carter’s cousin, Gerald, who can go places where an official agent cannot.

Final Thoughts

The violence is very toned down which makes this show perfect to watch alongside with your family, especially for those with underage children.

Overall Score 4.3
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  1. ladylou

    I did not enjoy the first episode, it took me a few episodes to really get into it mainly because I didn’t really believe Carter’s character tbh I still don’t like the way the actor plays Carter. Rush Hour happens to be one of my most favourite movies so I was kind of disappointed.

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