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Scary Halloween DC News

To celebrate Halloween, the Community Team has hosted a new season of Flash Game Blitz. The object of Flash Game Blitz is to participate in as many flash games as possible! Each game will only run for 2 days.

After the deadline, the game will be closed and judged by staff! 1st, 2nd & 3rd place will be awarded for each game- so your winning potential is high! Anyone who participates in ALL the games (with a win or loss) will earn an additional prize and trophy at the end.

What are the prizes?

Place prizes for each game:
1st Place – 30 coins, 30,000 moolah, 2,000 xp, + trophy
2nd Place – 20 coins, 20,000 moolah, 1,000 xp + trophy
3rd Place – 10 coins, 10,000 moolah, 500 xp, + trophy

Prize for completing ALL games:
100 coins, 100,000 moolah, 5000 xp + trophy
You MUST have an entry in every single game to qualify.

Want more information about Halloween Flash Game Blitz? Check out the info here.

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Also this month our Forum Team has hosted a “Scary Story Competition”.

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For this contest, all you have to do is come up with your own list of words to suit the word categories that they have listed in the competition thread.

What are the prizes?

1st Place: 100,000 , 100 coins, 5000 XP points, and a trophy.
2nd Place: 75,000 , 75 coins, 2500 XP points, and a trophy.
3rd Place: 50,000 , 50 coins, 1000 XP points, and a trophy.

Want more information about the Scary Story Competition? Check it out here.

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