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Sean Hayes & Scott Icenogle: Officially married!

The lovely couple that got married about two weeks ago made fans aware through a Facebook post last week. The post included the above image with the caption “Here’s a #TBT photo of Scotty and me getting married last week. Took us 8 years but we did it!”

Despite being together for eight years, fans were not completely sure as the couple did their best to keep it quiet. Fans began widely speculating however after Hayes was seen with a gold engagement ring back in October in multiple talk shows. It was later confirmed that they were in fact engaged. Apparently, they had been for a while!

Hayes is notably famous for his role of Jack McFarland in the TV sitcom, Will & Grace. His most recent role includes playing Kip Finkle in the now cancelled sitcom, The Millers. Icenogle is a music producer in Los Angeles, California.

Congratulations to the evidently happy couple! Pulse wishes you two all the best.

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