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Sephora’s “Blush Me”

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I was placing an order earlier this month on Sephora as it was my birthday month and I wanted to redeem my gift (I chose the Marc Jacob’s set btw, how about you?!)

Within my purchase included Sephora’s blush called “Blush Me” from their own collection. This is a product that is only available online and comes in 4 shades. You can view the product, here. There is a coral, a bright pink, deeper pink and a purple. I got the purple shade called “Out of Control.”

It is a dome-shaped cream blush, which allows you to either apply it directly from the container or with a brush.

I find it very easy to apply and the creaminess makes it easy to blend into my skin. I have noticed that there have been reviews that mention the blush was too intense on their skin, but I have had no such problems. Although, I am very tan so if you are having troubles with the intensity, make sure you use very little!

I have no problems with the application, wear or colour as I think it wears nicely throughout the day and I love the purple! I never tried out a purple blush before but I think it suits my skin tone nicely.

However, the only qualm I have is that the purple I received and the purple seen on the site are very different. On the site, it appears to be a much darker purple while in real life, it is not. Although, it is always tricky when you purchase things online as images are not always true to the product. Regardless, I do still like the colour I received and do not regret this purchase whatsoever!

Final Thoughts

I do believe the price is worth it for the product you get. Unfortunately, it is only available on their online site, but you should still look into the blush! If you are concerned about the actual shades, check out Google for real life swatches that are available for all the shades.

Overall Score 4.6
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