September Shoutouts!

Shout out to diamond-dutchess and nixiefae for making it to Round 3 of Survivor! Hippie Sistas loves you! – hippie_chick

I want to give a sincere shout out to all my DC Friends. Especially amethyst_eyes aka Malia. This past year has been hard and you all were there for me when my daddy passed. With the 1 year anniversary of his passing coming up on Sept 28th it reminds me how special you all are. ~ Laci

A super BIG shout out to the newest designer on Diva Chix…..Firstlady113!!! Check her out she is awesome!

A super shout out to the Amazing Divas who will be celebrating our 2 year Anniversary October 15th!!

A huge shout out to all the shops who have offered us “Freebies” I thank you so much!!!

A Shout out to Cee…You rock!!! Luv ya girl!!

A Big shout out to all my friends here on Diva Chix, you all make this game fun to play!!! – catlover64

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  1. amethyst_eyes

    Aww, thank you Laci! We have much in common especially with our Dad’s passings. Let’s celebrate them instead of mourning them as I know they would have wanted. ♥ ya, Malia

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