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Sexism in the Film Industry

When thinking about the income actors receive these days, our immediately thought is probably just that they earn a lot. A lot.

However, what is not spoken out about enough is the fact that regardless of the higher incomes received in this field, the pay between men and women are not equal. This is still a problem among all occupations. Another problem? The fact that we do not get enough advocates speaking out about this or having actual change taking place.

This past month, Jennifer Lawrence wrote an essay regarding this pay gap between men and women. She supposedly found out the specifics when Sony was hacked a while back. Frustrated and angry at the fact that she is not “supposed” to be real and authentic as a public figure, she broke out of this box fame places her in and took this opportunity to vent. Demanding for more money is not the easiest, as you do not want to risk the chance of losing the job to someone else. However, when considering the fact that men in the same role as you are being paid significantly more, there is clearly something wrong. On top of this, it has also been made aware that employees in this field, behind the scenes, feel they have the right to call women who do speak out about their true opinions and views “snobby,” “pretentious” and “spoiled” when refusing to go along with these ridiculous expectations.

Jennifer has been garnering support from fellow actors including Charlize Theron and Bradley Cooper. The letter is available on Lena’s newsletter. Have you seen it? Or heard stories covering it? What do you think about this situation?

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