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Shocking Cara…Again!


She has already surprised us during the MET Gala, showing up bald with her head painted in silver, adorned with Swarovski crystals. Now, in the gala of the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Cara Delevigne opted for a more restrained look. The 24-year-old model and actress chose a short, discreet black dress and black high-top boots. As for the make-up, although loaded, the actress chose a more classic style.

It is certain that the irreverence of Cara is in her new ‘hairstyle’ that did not just happen by chance …

Cara has been in Toronto, Canada, where she is starring in her next film project.

In ‘Life in a Year’, scheduled for release in 2018, Daryn, a character played by actor Jaden Smith, discovers that his girlfriend has cancer, and has only one year to live. The young man of 17 years then decides to live all his possible experiences in that time with the character played by Delevigne has left.

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