I want to give out a shout out to my friend and deputy of the RS guild Michelleb. Michelle is going through a lot in her personal life. I want her to know she is in my thoughts and prayers.
Next I want to acknowledge assiilemh and irmita of the Rising Stars Guild. I appreciate everything you guys do to help me. I hope to get to know you more and add to our friendship. ~smartinez79

To Zac
You and I have been DC friends for years, and I want to say thank you for all you have done for me, You are the best , Happy Holidays , Love Country_cutie

A big Shout Out to my girl “nicollette” I love her as a genuine friend, and being true to herself. Happy New Years NICOLLETTE. Love Ya Gurl ~ tammylynne

I’d like to thank You, SANTA, for spreading all this joy for all of….THANK YOU so much~maidmarion

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  1. maidmarion

    I hope I’m placing this “shout out” in the right spot?
    HAPPY V~DAY to all of my friends. Thank You guys so much for rating, supporting & spreading da cheer of being a part of DC! There are so many of You & I’m afraid I’d miss one, so You guys KNOW who You are, giggle 🙂

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