Shout Outs!

Violets are blue, so is the sky.
I really like the way you help divas try,
Having a friend like you, I am truly blessed.
You’re dear to my heart, you’re simply the best!
Thank you for being my friend Catlover64!

A Big shout out to the Amazing Divas Guild Members, You are all amazing and I am so happy that I could be a part of this guild and to have such great support and members who I can now count as Friends!

Thank you Maidmarion for thinking of me everyday. Thanks for the fame and being a Best friend of mine.
Thank you Hotpink1916 always giving me congrats when I place in GOC.
Michelleb I miss you so much. I am sad that you will no longer be on DC.

To our dear Auntie Adajah.. Sending you our thoughts and prayers for the your hubby during his cancer treatment, also for you and your family! With all our love from your Karmic Beauties guild family <3 ~Amethyst_eyes

To my dear Karmic Beauties Guild Celebrating our 5th Anniversary!! To those past and present “Thank you for being such wonderful group of friends” You make everyday a joy!!

I wanted to say thank you to my DC family for the Birthday shout outs and all the wonderful gifts you gave me. You all made me feel really special Thank you.

Shouting out to all of our Diva Chix staff! Each an every one of you give freely of your time and talents to make Diva Chix the very best game of its kind on the internet….and to our wonderful Angie, without whom none of us, members or staff would be here. She works incessantly, gives nothing but encouragement and is one of the most talented, accomplished young women I’ve known. ~Gwendolyn7777

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  1. beauty_chic

    Hi,Catlover64!:) I just want to thank you for being a very good friend of mine,,for my Birthday,you made sure i had gifts and that it was Wonderful! Your the main one on DC,who mostly was my friend,and took the time to get to know me,,,I just want to say thank you,and that i love you,,You are Truly Wonderful,and thank you for being my friend!:)

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