I would like a shoutout to all the members of the Amazing Divas!! You Divas Rock!!! ~Catlover64

A Huge shoutout to Beauty_chic for her hard work in both the voting and battle ladders!! Super Job!!! ~Catlover64

To all my friends on Diva Chix…you know who you are!! You are the Best!!! ~Catlover64

To my dear Karmic Beauties.. You all are my inspiration and motivation! Each one of you brings a different color and sparkle that is your personality to our guild that make each day something new and beautiful. You are my friends, my team and my guild family! ♥ & hugs, Malia

Helga! You’re the BEST!
Love you! Cathy aka Molokai

I would like to thank the people who made me feel welcome on DC…I love playing the game and love having friends so send an invite… HAVE A GREAT DAY ~Carollynn

I like to give a shout-out to the design team for the wonderful Boutique Renaissance collection that you created. Such a great job ladies!!! ~Sl2011

Shouts outs to my team for 30-Day forum challenge, French Toast Mafia! Y’all are making this comp enjoyable and fun! I’m delighted I’m getting to know you all! Big hugs to ayojasmine, strobelightss, hada_sonadora, beauty_chic, unbroken, DIVAkhan, itsmik3y, Panda, beckybear21, kismet and purpl3sapphir3! Team FTM ftw! ~Mollym

I’d like to thank the Community Staff Team for all of their hard work this summer! They took a risk of tossing out staple (yet stale) competitions and replaced them with new, fresh ones! DC Adventures and Who Wore It Best were huge successes. Hats off to you all! ~Angieluvboo

Congratulations to Anne-Marie, this month’s Staff Member of the Month! Anne-Marie shows such great leadership skills, and constantly moves around the site with the entire community’s interest in mind. Thank you for your sincere devotion! We’re honored to have you on staff. ~Angieluvboo

Thank you to the Design Team for Boutique Renaissance. It was absolutely brilliantly done! The pieces were designed with such detail and quality! It was great seeing so many people wearing it on the battle field, nominated as the top 6 dolls each day, and even on the home page as Doll of the Day multiple times! Thank you all for sharing your masterpieces so that we all can enjoy them. ~Angieluvboo

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