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Silence the hacker

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Skype > DC Admin Group

Carlie: Then what are these other reasons?
Gwen: I’m guessing there aren’t any, but she’s feeling petty now because the truth has been revealed.
Carlie: I think you’re right, Gwen.
Gwen: The bad guys in these cases always overhype the reveal, thinking that it will bring them all the happiness. After all, revenge is supposed to be sweet isn’t it?
Gwen: Sometimes, success is the best revenge. Stooping down so low does not help.
Angie: Wiser words have never been spoken, Gwen.
Carlie: Looks like it was good enough to silence her.
*Sylvie is typing*
Sashka: She’s gone a while without speaking.. looks like she’s truly at a lost for words.
*Sylvie left the conversation*

Hm, have Carrie’s feelings been hurt? Is there anything anyone can do? Or even want to do? Stay tuned for the next episode!

*Please be aware that this story is completely fictional.*

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