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Simple Envelope Pillow Tutorial

Image credit: Momtastic

. Fabric of Choice
. Matching Thread
. Sewing Machine
. Pillow Insert
. Straight Pins
. Scissors
. Iron

Step 1. Cut the fabric into three pieces. One will be longer in width by 5 inches compared to the other two pieces.
Step 2. Turn the smaller pieces backsides upwards, and fold down one of their longer sides about 1/2 inches and pin them.
Step 3. Now, iron them flat and sew along the seams.
Step 4. Next, lay the larger piece down but this time with the backsides facing down.
Step 5. Grab the smaller pieces and start laying them down on top of the larger piece, one at a time, with the backside upwards.
Step 6. Pin along the sides of the pillow.
Step 7. Sew around the four sides. About 5/8 inches around where you pined.
Step 8. Once you are done, turn the pillow right side up.
Step 9. Place the pillow insert inside of it, through the open flaps.

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