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Simple Moisturizer

I use many Simple products as I find they are very gentle on the skin and usually work very well. However; I was disappointed with this product.

Personally, I do not have particularly sensitive skin and I do not usually have bad reactions to skin care products. I used to regularly use an unscented, Simple moisturizer but however that ran out. I picked up the only one I could find in the shop which I assumed was the same product, however when I got it home and used it, I discovered it was scented. A few days after, my skin started to break out and I had a mild rash on my cheeks. This was the only thing I had changed when this started and after I stopped using it, my skin calmed right down again.

Do you have any experiences with this product?

Final Thoughts

I am incredibly disappointed with this product and will not be buying it again!

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  1. stratosphere

    I have very dry and sensitive skin. I have tried a couple of simple products and found them all to be far too drying and they also barely do the job intended. :[ Completely the opposite to what I expected from the brand.

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