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Sista is a member of Diva Chix since January 19, 2009.

She owns a shop named The Queens Palace.

She is a proud member of the Hippie Sistas guild since Feb. 01, 2017.

She is a very active member of not only the main site, but also the forums.

She has won many competitions for example like Who Wore it Better, a Fashionista competition and she won 2nd place in Guild War.

She has over 120 trophies.

She has been named Doll of the Day in the past.

She has earned many points from doing battles.

Thank you for being part of Diva Chix, Sista!

10 Comments on sista

  1. sista

    OMG this is such a honor the be Cover Model and have such sweet remarks made. I don’t know how to say Thank you but I’m so excited and happy to represent for Hippie_sista and DC. Love and Hugs and again Thank you so much Pulse and Hada_Sonadora for this means so much to me 🙂

  2. hippie_chick

    Congrats sista!!! You have a wonderful unique sense of style!!! Your album is truly one of the best on DC!!! Most of our GOC trophies in Hippie Sistas are earned by sista!!! (She actually is a founding member and co-owner of Hippie Sistas!)

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