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Six Back to school beauty essentials

1. Face wash:
Face wash is an essential item to start getting into the routine of using before term starts, so you can head back to school with fresh and clean looking skin. Most brands will tell you specific instructions, but usually once a day (before bed) is a good time to use them.

2. Moisturizer:
This again should be a daily routine before school starts. Moisturizer keeps skin happy, healthy and hydrated, especially during the colder months where skin can start to get a little dry.

3. Lip balm:
Allows lips to remain hydrated without any hassle, easy to throw in a pocket and keep with you for frequent top ups. It also helps lip balms come in many tasty flavors!

4. Lip stain:
If you prefer a bit more color than lip balms provide, another great item for school is lip stains. These last all day without any top up required unlike many lipsticks, meaning you don’t have to worry about topping it up during break times. Lip stains are also great because they usually don’t smudge the same way lipstick does when you eat, meaning you can enjoy lunch with your friends and not panic about your lipstick ending on your chin!

5. Water proof mascara:
Every look from mostly natural to fully made up is not complete without a layer of mascara! Although everyone has their favorite brand, for school a waterproof one is ideal, these usually last longer and are great in case you happen to get caught in rain!

6. Pressed powder:
Pressed powder is great, you can wear it on its own for a quick and simple natural look which keeps the shine away or you can use it to help set other makeup such as concealer or foundation. Either way, some good pressed powder is a makeup bag essential for school starts!

If there is anything else that you find essential to start your day make sure to leave a comment and share it with us!

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